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At ReLive, our instructors offer a well-rounded approach to health and wellness, by providing rehabilitation, exercise recovery, performance training and stretching online courses. No matter what stage of your learning journey you are in, we can help!

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The Relive team consists of licensed Doctors of Physical Therapy, Physical Therapy Assistants, Physical Therapy Technicians and Massage Therapists who work as a team to bring you best-in-class lessons. We strive to push beyond the foundations of traditional physical therapy lessons in order to adequately prepare you for your working environment.
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John Smith

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Nina Red


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We will treat you as an individual and your experience will be as unique as you are! 

Andrew Mayers

My experience at ReLive has exceeded all my expectations. From the first lessons I knew it was a great online school! It was very unique compared to other schools and the process showed me that they really cared about me and who I was as a person and not just the PT I would be.
Physical therapist

Laura Rimmer

The Physical Therapy lessons have been so helpful throughout my transition from school to work. With the help of one of my instructors I was able to make valuable connections in the physiotherapy community which eventually helped me to land my dream job.

Cassey Garisson

ReLive's DPT online classes are exceptional, innovative, and in the forefront of physical therapist education. ReLive's lessons sets a standard of excellence based on professional standards, clinical reasoning, and evidence.

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